PVC Insulation Tape


This PVC insulation tape is made from finest-quality PVC film coated with a sturdy rubber based adhesive on the side. It is highly elongated and has excellent conformability for wire harnessing. This adhesive PVC insulation tape suitable for electrical works comes with good insulation, voltage resistance, flame resistance, and waterproof. Available in broad selection of PVC insulation tape colours, spanning from red, green, grey, white to black.

Item Code Standard Length Color Thickness
218 S Colored 20 Mtr Red, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Blue , Violet & Sky Blue 0.12mm ±0.01, min.
  • Highly preferred for Wire Bundling for white goods.

  • RoHS compliance.
  • FR grade
  • High temperature PVC wire harness tape for cable wire
  • Harness industry with higher thickness