AIPL bopp tape


It is a special double sided tissue tape which consists of non-woven tissue and is coated with high-grade strong adhesive on both sides. It bonds firmly onto leathers, clothes, woods, plastics, any two similar to dissimilar materials. The coated tissue tape uses include mounting light objects, and laminating textiles, cork, paper, and textiles.

Item Code Standard Length Liner Adhesion gf/25mm (both side)
P-635 50 Mtr White 1000 ( min.)
P-636 50 Mtr Printed 1200 (min.)
P-637 50 Mtr White 800 ( min.)
  • Splicing papers, Plastic films, Cloths and corrugated boards
  • Leathers, Poster fixing, Woods any two similar or dissimilar materials
  • Temperature Resistant Double Sided Tissue Tape
  • Our Tissue Double Sided Adhesive Tape is Solvent Resistant
  • Acrylic based adhesive
  • Strong holding power and no adhesive deterioration
  • Excellent temperature and solvent resistant
  • Good shear strength
  • No slippage after long applied