Masking tape


A premium and economical general purpose grade Crepe Paper Masking Tape provides excellent pressure-sensitive and quick qualities which are highly resistant to water solvent and oils. Our high-grade masking tape is used for painting on paper, drawing, on the wall, and several other personal and professional purposes. At our online store, you’ll find plenty of masking tape sizes.

Item Code Standard Length Color Thickness (mm)
P-36 50 Mtr Creamish 0.130 ± 0.015
P-38 50 Mtr Creamish 0.145 ± 0.015
P-57 50 Mtr Creamish 0.130 ± 0.015
P-59 50 Mtr Creamish 0.130 ± 10%
P-95 50 Mtr Creamish 0.130 ± 0.015
P-120 50 Mtr Creamish 0.140 ± 0.015
  • Residue-free adhesive tape
  • Writable grade.
  • Hand tearable.

  • They are used in paint shop refrigeration, automotive & business machinery and many other places for general purpose application.
  • Masking of painted metal, plastic & rubber surface where staining could be a problem.
  • They are recommended for a wide variety of packing & light bundling operations.
  • They are employed to temporarily attach inspection stickers, name plate, instructions and work orders during manufacturing and assembly operations.
  • For design, painting and bumper applications.