Aluminum Tape


AIPL Sunsui Aluminum tape is a specialty tape effectively backed with dead soft Aluminum foil coated with a modified acrylic adhesive system & siliconized paper liner. Since we are manufacturers, we can offer all options on adhesive such as synthetic adhesive, solvent acrylic, or water-based acrylic, that too in different thicknesses. Our aluminum tape roll range is best-suited for insulation, ducts, covering water heater vent, shielding, exhaust leak, and several other personal & professional applications. The tape is heat-resistant, waterproof, and conductive.

Item Code Standard Length Color Thickness (mm)
LP-330 50 Mtr Silver 0.065 ± 10 %
L-330 50 Mtr Silver 0.065 ± 10 %
LP-250 50 Mtr Silver 0.090 ± 10%
LP-130 50 Mtr Silver 0.060 ± 10 %
LP-155 50 Mtr Silver 0.055 ± 10%
LP-2100 50 Mtr Silver 0.135 ± 10%
  • For duct sealing & insulation in HVAC
  • Low moisture content makes this product as a good sealant.
  • Suitable as a masking in electroplating of aluminum due to its non-contamination properties
  • This product is a perfect recommendation for HOLDING of condenser/evaporator coils wires in appliance walls for refrigeration/AC units.
  • A suitable PSA tape used as ‘Heat Reflector’.
  • HVAC duct wrap, protective masking and electroplating

  • Moisture proof.
  • High Adhesion Power
  • Good ageing strength
  • Applicable for both high temperature/low temperatures
  • Flame retardant & vapor-proof barrier
  • Sizes available from 25mm/50mm/75mm/100 mm in width to customized length
  • Available from 25 micron, 30 micron, 40 micron, 50 micron and 100 micron. in thickness.