EVA Foam tape


Double Sided Eva foam tape is coated with modified synthetic rubber base adhesive with blue PE liner

Item Code Standard Length Color Core Id Thickness Adhesion To Steel (gfm/25mm)
PB-13000 (10 Mtr) (5Mtr) Black 76mm 3 ± 0.5 mm 1000 min.
PB-13001 (10 Mtr) (5Mtr) Black 76mm 3 ± 0.3 mm 1000 min.
PB-16000 (10 Mtr) (5Mtr) Black 76mm 6 ± 0.5 mm 1000 min.
PB-16001 (10 Mtr) (5Mtr) Black 76mm 6 ± 0.3 mm 1000 min.
PB-18000 (10 Mtr) (5Mtr) Black 76mm 8 ± 0.5 mm 1000 min.
  • D/S Eva foam tape is also used as a spacer application for controlling the temperature inside the building.
  • It is also used to maintain comfortable normal temperature of structures or building.
  • Permanent fixing of spare parts in refrigerator and other electronic goods and cars.
  • Use for sealing, bonding, cushioning, protection from dust and mounting purpose.

  • D/S Eva foam tape is an excellent product for filling voids in HVAC application as insulation material.
  • Easy and Quick to apply
  • Great bonding strength with High Adhesion
  • Heat Resistance
  • Various sizes and die cuts available as per customize requirement.