Auto Body Protection Tapes( Novacel )


Self-adhesive film for the temporary protection of car bodies during assembling, transport, and storage. Our auto body foam tape is made from Polyolefin film, which is UV treated. Various kinds of surface protection tape are available for carpet protection, plastics parts protection. These auto body protection films give excellent scratch resistance and masking properties. These films are coated with non-transfer type specialty adhesive to withstand abrasions and scratches on smooth and sensitive surfaces.

Item Code N-4768
Standard Length (200 Mtr)
Colour (Plain Transparent)
Thickness(mm) 0.034mm
Adhesion To Steel(Gm / 25mm) 45.35
  • It is used for the protection of car body coating against foreign aggressions such as dirt, scratches and tool marks, bird droppings, acid rain

  • Full protection of car body.
  • Our auto body protective wrap comes with UV Resistance.
  • 100% reside free adhesive system.
  • Save the cost of finishing the car at the dealer's end.
  • Easy to remove
  • No residue while removing.