Tapes For Mirror Applications D/S Tissue Tapes


Double sided & double-sided cloth tapes for fixing of mirrors in the wing mirror. The wing mirror needs to maintain its functionality at all times & as a result, the adhesive tape system for bonding of the mirror to the housing has to comply with various stringent performance criteria. A variety of products, including taps and die-cuts tapes from the basket of Sunsui, are recommended for the Wing Mirror bonding application for the perfect choice of today’s automotive industries. AIPL also offers GHB Tape, which is double-sided acrylic foam tape with a high bond having high strength backed with acrylic adhesive.

Item Code A-501 R
Standard Length 10 Mtr
Colour Black
Thickness 1 ± 0.2
  • High adhesive strength & excellent final strength.
  • Strong holding power on the metal structures for mounting applications.
  • The combination of modified acrylic adhesive & a compressible acrylic foam tape guarantees a very good bonding even on the uneven & rough as well as structured surface.
  • UV resistant.

  • Used on uneven surfaces. Once applied on the surface as per the recommendation, it will not open.
  • Our mirror mount tapes are recommendations for bodybuilding industries. A preferred choice of the automotive bodybuilders.
  • They are recommended to be used with Adhesive Promoter on low surface energy products.
  • Ideal for emblem application
  • Recommended for Indoor & Outdoor application.
  • Recommended fixing similar & dissimilar applications.