Security Packing Tape


AIPL Sunsui Security tapes for packaging are innovative, premium quality void tapes that offer protection from pilferage and theft during storage and/ or transit till the time it reaches the consignee. Any kind of tampering or unauthorized opening of consignment or packaging can easily be identified by the use of red security tapes. Our tamper-evident tapes are used for security purposes in the aviation industry for securely packing boxes, luggage, bottles, and security caution tape.

Item Code A-325 R (W/O LINER) A-325 R (WITH LINER)
Standard Length 50 Mtr 50 Mtr
Core Id 76 mm 76 mm
  • Application areas include logistics monitoring , banking security, medical packaging seals, electronic goods protection and a variety of paper and plastic bags, boxes and cartons, and many more.

  • Custom - printed messages are available
  • Simple application by hand
  • Easy to transfer
  • Increase in sales and profits through decrease in revenue loss, less complaints & lowering costs of replacement shipments.
  • Securing shipments throughout the entire distribution chain.