AIPL bopp tape


BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film coated with water based adhesive and our adhesive tapes are made from superior quality adhesive, which provides high tack and adhesion strength required for sealing of cartons to make them pilfer proof. We are the most trusted suppliers of low noise tape.

Brand Standard Length Colour Core ID Thickness
Wonder (65 to 650 Mtr) (In various color, upto 5 color printing can be done) (Inner diameter of core - 76mm) 36
Wonder+ " " " 38
EZ " " " 40
Super Gold " " " 42
EZ+ " " " 45
Sunsui " " " 50
Sunsui+ " " " 55
  • Excellent clarity and high gloss.
  • Flawless dimensional stability and flatness.
  • Wrinkle and shrink proof.
  • Resistant to low and high ranges of temperature.
  • Low noise unwinding..
  • Available in brown and transparent color.

  • The low noise tape uses include busy offices or warehouses to reduce noise disturbances.
  • They are ideally used for carton sealing.
  • Tapes can be printed with company name or logo for better appeal & identification.
  • Significant used for noise reduction over general packing tape when applying the tape on boxes.
  • It is used for Bundling, Re-inforcing, Laminating, Tabbing & Label Protection