Reflective Tape


Low light poor Visibility is no more a problem when you have the most powerful protection to your rescue, the AIPL Res TAPES. AIPL Conspicuity Tape facilitates the reflection of the incoming light back to the light source. This tape is used on vehicles to make them more visible in dim light, dull Visibility, and night. It is not wrong to say that reflective tapes are those unsung safety heroes that quietly help create a safer environment for everybody. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality reflective tapes in india.


Product Code RV 5001(YELLOW), RV5000(WHITE) & RV 5005(RED)
Thickness 420+/- 5% (YELLOW & WHITE), 490+/-5%(RED)
Size 50mmx50m (Can be flexible as per request)
Adhesive Acrylic
Product Type Sealing Type Micro Prismatic Tape
Durability 7-8 years outdoor(UV Resistance)
Storage 14 – 18 degree temperature
Relative Humidity 30-50%(1 Year)
Approvals ECE 104(Class C), FMVSS 108 (DOT-C2), DENATRAN, AIS-090
  • Majorly used in Automotive Industry
  • YELLOW Reflective Tape is applied on bothside of the vehicle, horizontally as it is similar to the tail lights.
  • RED Reflective Tape for car is applied on the back side of the vehicle as it is similar to the tail Lights
  • WHITE Reflective Tape is applied on the front of the vehicle about the HeadLights.
  • Satisfy both Horizontal and Vertical Orientation as per AIS 090 standard
  • The prismatic film next-generation product
  • High reflectivity/visibility
  • Excellent daytime brightness
  • Vivid color High UV stability
  • Lamination/sealing on the tape to resist scratch marks
  • Thicker tape 420 micron(min.)
  • Four-layer tape, Long durability, Excellent workability