Aluminum Pet tape


Aluminum Pet Tape is a laminate strip of aluminum foil & PET film which has a low moisture content which makes this good sealant.

Item Code Backing Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Adhesion To Steel (gf/25mm) Temperature Limits
Specification ALPT 25 micron >2400 gms / 25mm 60 % 2000 ‐5°C to 55° C
ASTM Test Method ALPT D ‐ 3652 D ¬ 3759 D ¬ 3579 D ¬ 3330 --
  • Excellent reflection to heat and light.
  • Good for joints & XLPE foam /NBR foam on ducts
  • Best Result Obtained when it’s applied to clean and dry surfaces

  • Lamination for air conditioning ducting systems
  • Roofing Application like flashing, joints and insulations
  • Duct sealing and joining for refrigerator and excellent barrier to vapor
  • General purpose holding ,patching sealing applications indoor and outdoor