Social distancing for institutions has become a necessary step to fight and stop Coronavirus COVID-19 in its footsteps.

Government of India has issued rules and guidelines for fight against corona that includes marking the floor with guide that would help your customers, employees and associates to maintain social distancing.

These guidelines are prescribed for banks, airports, hospitals, manufacturing and production facilities, customer support offices and all other facilities that serve as a customer front.

We have a product range that would ensure safety and conformation to guidelines. With AIPL by your side, you can expect

  • High Quality solutions
  • Best pricing
  • Quick Delivery Time
  • Great customer support
  • Great response

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Floor Marking Tape


  • Instant Application – Just clean, cut and paste. No downtime means that you can apply anytime without stopping your operations.
  • Easy Replacement – Floor marking tapes can be easily replaced anytime and hence can be easily adapted with changes in policies.
  • Clean removal – The removal can be easily and quickly done with solvents so that no residue is left and floor is as clean as before.
  • Great Visibility – With patterns that draw attention, Floor marking tapes can easily attract attention and sets a clear message to stand in the marked box.
  • Customer Support - Coming from a brand, you will get great customer support before and after your purchase. Our team is readily available to serve all your queries.
  • Great credentials – AIPL is ISO, ISI, IATF, SGS,iCAT, UL & Spectro certified organisation with a decades of experience in manufacturing adhesive tapes and solutions for industries.

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