AIPL Covid Protection

Huge Range of COVID-19 Protection Products - COVID-19 Face Mask for Sale

This is the time when Social distancing becomes more important than ever. The threat of community spread becomes very real, and things can easily go from bad to worse if we do not follow social distancing.

In this situation, AIPL has focused on protecting all by taking the right precautions and measures. Everyday objects like a face mask, recommended hand sanitizer, and certified spray sanitizer have to be used religiously. Ensure the safety of your employees with our workplace COVID-19 signage. These are important for industries to adhere to the state COVID-19 protocol

Comfortable face shields for COVID 19 are recommended to ensure that it can be worn all day as it not only protects us from external elements but also acts as a barrier that ensures that we do not touch our own face out of habit. Face Cover ensures that our nose and mouth remain protected. Also, for occupations that require public dealings like retail management, front desk jobs, or client servicing, a face shield becomes the choice of defense against the spread. A quick and accurate infrared thermometer for COVID 19 testing. With its instant reading, ensures that every visitor that comes in is not having a temperature. The use of proper COVID signage to educate and enforce would greatly benefit everyone to maintain decorum in this scenario. Wherever this is not possible, our barricade tape or floor marking tape could be the solution to the situation as it can create a temporary barrier between two workstations.

Hence, like the above, we aim to make life safe for ourselves and everyone around us by offering many more effective COVID Solutions.