Heat Blue Seam Sealing Tape


DRDO Approved

ISO Certified

Govt. approved

Tested in HERML


Presenting AIPL Heat Seam sealing tape. A high-quality product, AIPL heat seam sealing tape is designed to provide the best of results with minimum wastage.

Compatible with all machines, domestic and imported, AIPL heat-activated seam sealing tape gives you an unmatched quality with results that always pass and stand out all tests and regulations.

Coming from a manufacturing brand that has been serving clients for over 3 decades, AIPL always strives to bring you products that Make in India with quality that matches and exceeds international standards. Our Research & Development team works consistently to ensure that the product that you get passes all standards.

Our state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing facility ensures that quality remains our top priority without compromising on the delivery time and pricing.

AIPL heat seam sealing tape is tested under ISO 16603 and is approved by both SITRA and DRDO. Moreover, AIPL heat-activated seam sealing tape is also CE approved, ensuring that the highest- quality parameters are fulfilled.

Along with domestic and imported machines, AIPL heat seam sealing tape is also compatible with all categories of fabrics. They are fit for use with SSMMSS, PE coated, Single coated and double coated, breathable, single-use suits and multi-use suits. A compatibility list is as below

  • 1. FABRICS Works on multiple fabrics like SSMMSS, PE coated, Single coated and double coated, breathable, single use suits and multi-use suits.
  • 2. APPLICATION SIDE Can be applied on non-woven/fabric side and lamination side
  • 3. MACHINE Compatible with domestic and imported machines like Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and so on.
  • 4. MAN / OPERATOR Can be easily applied by Skilled, semi-skilled or completely unskilled operators with a little training

Our range of Seam sealing tapes

S.no Grade Colors Applicable by With liner or without liner DRDO or SITRA approval CE Compliance Width (mm) Length (Mtrs)
1 Heat activated tape Light Blue Imported machine or similar Indian machine without liner Yes Yes-CE compliance 20 200/100
2 Heat activated tape-Low temp Light Blue Indian machine with liner Yes Yes-CE compliance 22/20 50/80

We also offer to you, services to our AIPL Application Center at Delhi

We provide free testing facility for all PPE Suit Manufacturers. Equipped with all high-tech machines for taping along with Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester, we are open to all the manufacturers where testing for the most suitable tape variant with regards to their PPE fabric can be done.

Your requirement is our priority, with AIPL seam sealing tape your PPE suits become complete and safe.