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Introduction - Why AIPL Sticky Mats?
AIPL brings you the biggest range of premium-quality full-filmed Tacky mats. No cleaning is required; peel off one dirt layer of this clean mat for the workplace to reveal a new clean surface to prevent contamination and microbial growth.
The adhesive is strong enough to capture the continents and not hinder the person or the handwheels from moving. It is easy to apply and peel off in no time. The mats are blue and available in several sizes to fit most entryways.
Also known as a tacky mat, a sticky mat is a special type of mat having an adhesive surface that is generally placed at the entrance of homes and offices to keep dust and dirt from the footwear at bay effectively. These mats are temporary and made out of the thin layers of PE films and periodically peeled off and then discarded.

Why Are They So Popular These Days?

Here are some of the prevalent perks of purchasing tacky mats:-

1.   Versatile

They are quite versatile and can be placed at the entrance to keep the contaminants outside. They are widely employed in hospitals and clinics, painting workshops, factories and offices, laboratories, etc. Whether it's the entrance to your house or the way to a busy commercial cooking space, you can put Dust Control Floor Mat anywhere to transient dirt.

2.   One Way Dirt Transference

They are made out of multiple PE films layers, and each one is coated with a non-transferable resin. Thus, ensuring the tackiness of the mat stays, no matter how heavy the foot traffic is.