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HVAC has become an important part of all residential or commercial structures. However in this fast moving world not only residential also the indoor atmosphere of vehicles such as cars, trains, airplanes, temperature comfort is crucial.

Ventilation of air in any season is very vital process which enable the exchange of air and keeping the indoor air fresh and control the temperature.

HVAC means Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC is the technology for providing soothing indoor atmospheric comfort. The objective of installing a HVAC system is to provide relaxing cosiness with proper indoor air temperature.

Be it cold winter night or hot summer day, we human being always looks for indoor cosiness. So it is very important to have a very good machine installed to maintain the comfort-ness inside our home or office. And a good HVAC unit requires good maintenance and quality component to work non-stop all through the year.

The main aspect of the HVAC unit in any residential or commercial structure or vehicles is maintain the soothing temperature same time keeping the indoor air fresh.

So proper piping of the air ventilation for the air exchange of the HVAC unit is crucial. Leakage in the piping system is the major issue in any HVAC unit.

Proper taping of the air pipe is very important, for which proper and specialized HVAC tape is very much recommended for the proper piping for the smooth working of the HVAC unit, for seaming and sealing joints and connections on ductwork.


Aluminium Tapes

It is used for duct sealing & insulation in HVAC and maintain low moisture content makes this product as a good sealant. Suitable as a masking in electroplating of aluminium due to its non-contamination properties, this product is a perfect recommendation for HOLDING of condenser/evaporator coils wires in appliance walls for refrigeration/AC units.

EVA Foam tapes

With a thickness of up-to 3 mm, it is used to maintain comfortable normal temperature of structures or building

Foil Tapes

This tape with thickness 0.135 ±10% are specially designed for taping insulation joints against moisture and vapour on tri-directional FSK jacketing.

Duct Tape

This tape has high strength capacity and strong bonding capability due to good quality of adhesive and thickness of 0.26 ± 10% thickness it is water proof

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