Water-activated kraft paper tape is a self-adhesive tape made of kraft paper, reinforced with glass fiber filament yarn embedded between the layers, and has a special adhesive that is activated with brushed with water. When applied to a carton, forms a very powerful bond that is impossible to remove without completely tearing the tape or damaging the carton itself.

The color of the water-activated Kraft Paper Tape is brown, owing to the natural color of kraft paper, hence also being known as reinforced brown kraft paper tape.

However, customized color printing and branding can be easily done on demand. They are widely used in packaging & binding applications. Since kraft paper is a paper-based tape, they are eco-friendly tape due to being biodegradable and bio compostable making them the ideal choice for sustainable packaging.

AIPL is the biggest manufacturer of Self-adhesive reinforced kraft paper tape in India. With one of the biggest manufacturing setups in the entire nation, AIPL is a preferred key supplier for major eCommerce & industrial players in India.

Strong Grip, Extra Power, Biodegradable
Water activated reinforced Kraft paper tape is 90% fully recyclable / bio compostable made of biodegradable adhesive, for light and heavy duty packaging Along with the box this tape can be easily recycled.