Honeycomb is a specially designed Kraft paper sheet that when stretched, reveals serrations in form of a hexagonal honeycomb design, hence the name, Honeycomb packaging paper.

This special honeycomb design inculcates the unique structural strength of the honeycomb pattern, giving the honeycomb wrapping paper, the strength that is needed for it to protect the valuables wrapped inside it.

Build with kraft paper as a material, the color of the Honeycomb wrapping paper sheet is brown. The right way to use it is to cut the required length, hold both ends, and stretch the serrated pattern in the paper open up to form a honeycomb pattern. Once the patterns become prominent, wrap the material in the paper and it is ready for transport.

They are widely used in packaging & storage applications. Since honeycomb wrap is made of kraft paper, they are eco-friendly tape due to being biodegradable and bio compostable making them the ideal choice for sustainable packaging.

AIPL is the biggest manufacturer of Self-adhesive reinforced kraft paper tape in India. With one of the biggest manufacturing setups in the entire nation, AIPL is a preferred key supplier for major eCommerce & industrial players in India.

Strong Grip, Extra Power, Biodegradable
Honeycomb, is a very good eco-friendly product that replaces typical air bubble film made of plastic
It is lightweight material that has excellent compatibility with other materials and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio
It is also more economical packaging material, thereby making it an ideal choice, as honeycomb products are made from recyclable, bio degradable and bio compostable paper