Seal Seam tapes


PPE kits have become the most important defence against Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Doctors, nurses, medical staff and anyone in fight against Coronavirus. With DRDO approval and a 6/6 rating against ISO 16603, AIPL Blue Seam Sealing tapes, also known as seam tape or PPE Tapes is the final yet the most important step in making PPE kits ready for approval and safe for use. Heat Seal Seam tapes are multilayered adhesive films and are applied to the sewn seams to prevent water from leaking through those seams. Seam tape is applied by using a hot air taping machine and is used in various applications including outwear, industrial work wear, tents, waders, footwear and military garments. AIPL Seam Sealing Tape is Single sided, High quality blue seam sealing tape designed specially for PPE suits. It is designed for safety and durability measures.

Grade DRDO/SITRA approval CE Compliance Width length Thickness
Heat activated tape Yes Yes 20 mm 200/100 Mtr 170 Microns
Heat activated tape-Low temp Yes Yes 22/20 mm 50/80 Mtr 100 Microns
Flexi * Yes - 24 mm 50 Mtr 130 Microns
Semi Rigid * Yes Yes 24 mm 50/100 Mtr 80-85 Microns
Semi Rigid * Yes Yes 24 mm 50/100 Mtr 90-95 Microns
  • Excellent adhesion to variety of surfaces.
  • ISO 16603 Approved
  • DRDO & SITRA Approved
  • In-house manufacturing & Quality Assurance
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral properties
  • Error Proof Method of application

"✱", Default color is light blue. Custom colors are available on order."