D/S Repulpable Tissue Tape Sunsui-257


P-257 is a blue-colored repulpable splicing tape with tissue paper carrier, Coated on both sides with a clear, repulpable adhesive on an easy release paper liner that is fully repulpable.

  • Suitable for very HIGH-SPEED FLYING SPLICES application on offline coating plants.
  • Our repulpable splicing tape uses include News Paper and paper processing industries for splicing applications on medium and heavyweight papers.
  • With Synthetic Resins
  • Water soluble adhesive.
  • Moisture Resistant Adhesive Tapes
  • Easy & fast tearing of the excess paper in the splice areas
  • Reliable automatic splices at a high speed
  • Splices don’t slip even under high web tensions
  • Best performance in any stage of the splicing process