Polyester Tape With White Adhesive


Polyester tape is the most commonly used material mainly used for SMPS transformers and electrical relays for temperature application up to 130°in general-purpose insulation. AIPL is a renowned polyester tape manufacturer.

Product Code Unit A1100WA
Total Thickness (MM) 0.055 ± 0.005
Adhesive Strength (N/cm (min) 2.0
Breakdown Voltage Volts 5000
Temperature Class °C B (Temperature range up to 130°C)
Base Material - Polyester Film
  • Especially suited for use with wax or another kind of greased wires or parts where the non corrosive part is required. Heat resistance and hot dryer and air dryer varnish resistance are other polyester tape uses.

  • ROHS compliance
  • Offer superior electrical insulation and heat resistance
  • Adhesive aside is 'White' color to meet requirement of OEM where they want to make it "Opaque" for the winding parts.